Saturday, January 29, 2011

Breakfast: It Does A Body Good...The Modified Skillet

Our version of the traditional Skillet may look a little wonky, but it was FABULOUS!!

So, I doubt that there are many people who would argue the fact that going out for breakfast is one of those time honored traditions that are hard not to partake of.  Breakfast made by someone else is just such a perfect way to start the day; a good cuppa Joe and a plate full of eggs, potatoes, veggies, and sausage...oh, and bacon...and cheese!!  Mmmmm....comfort food!!

But I doubt that there are also very few people who would argue that the aforementioned delight is also a heart attack waiting to happen!!  We decided to make it at home; a healthier, better for us version of the breakfast skillet.

Here ya go!!

So, remember those Egg Cups/Mini Quiches about 10 posts ago??  Hope you have some on'll need them.  They've already got most of the ingredients in them: eggs, turkey bacon, veggies...

Modified Skillet Breakfast (serves 2)
5 Egg Cups; chopped up
6 "Banquet brand" turkey sausages
Queso Fresco cheese; 2 ounces crumbled
Olive Oil
Hot sauce to taste

In a skillet, cook sausages according to package directions.  Once the water has cooked out of the pan, drizzle just enough Olive Oil to coat the skillet, lightly.  Put the chopped Egg Cups into the pan, keeping the heat closer to high; stir or toss continuously to heat all the way through.  Scatter Queso Fresco over the top and cover; reduce heat to low to allow cheese to soften.  This cheese doesn't really melt all the way, but rather, the crumbles will soften into little blobs.  Splash with hot sauce and serve immediately.  

If you are watching your diet as a high protein, reduced or carb free eater, this is a perfect breakfast for you.  It is filling and every so tasty!!  We would recommend it as a Saturday Staple!!

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