Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's What's For Dinner...and it was FANTASTIC!!

Doesn't this look YUMMY??!!  It was still steaming when I took the picture....Mmmmmm!!

So, after Dave and I decided we were very ambitious, and we had come back from a 5 mile walk on "Old Plank Trail" in the snow, we were starving.  Really.  I was so cold and that walk wiped me out...I could have eaten cardboard at that point, but decided that something much healthier and tastier was in store for us...

Chicken with Sauteed Veggies
2-3 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts; trimmed.

1 pkg. Trader Joe's Brussels Sprouts; trimmed and halved.

1 pound fresh Asparagus; woody ends removed, break in half.

10 mushrooms; cleaned and halved.

Penzey's Greek Seasoning

Olive Oil

Garlic infused Olive Oil (or 2 toes fresh garlic, minced, if this isn't available)

Fresh Ground Black Pepper and Sea Salt to taste

Trim chicken breasts and rub with Olive Oil.  Sprinkle freely with Penzey's Greek Seasoning blend on both sides.  Give 2 full turns of Olive Oil in a skillet with a lid and heat over high heat.  Add chicken breasts and cover.  Turn when a good, golden sear has happened. Keep covered for moist chicken. Sear second side and reduce heat.  Cook until internal temperature reaches 180 degrees.

In another large skillet, give 2 full turns of Garlic infused Olive Oil and heat on high.  Add all veggies and toss to coat with oil. (Add the minced garlic here, too, if you don't have the Garlic infused oil)  Continue to cook on high; tossing often so veggies don't burn, but do get a nice bronzed color to them.  Cook to desired tenderness...we like them crunchy!!  Much more flavor!!  At the finish, a few healthy grinds of fresh black pepper and a sprinkle of Sea Salt will complete the dish.

Serve immediately with chicken...for an additional little pizazz; freshly shredded Parmesan is a lovely topping!!

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