Monday, January 17, 2011

P90X Healthy Eating...

So two weeks ago, I started the P90X series of workouts. Needless to say, I have experienced all the muscle pain and weariness that goes along with this adventure! But, I also admit that I look forward to it every day.

Since I am going to be wreaking havoc on my body, I also decided that we would start following a much different plan for eating. I already cook pretty healthy meals; but felt that we should really work on lowering the carbs and increasing the protein. Not necessarily the easiest task! But nonetheless, we are forging ahead.

I have been researching foods, websites, and recipes every day, and my mission is to bring those recipes to you. When I include recipes from other places, I will give credit to those authors or sites.

There are lots of great options for changing the way you eat, and once you get into the habit, it's actually kind of fun to challenge yourself to be creative.

Today I will share some hints for great as well as easy foods to help get you started...

You need to keep in mind the following tip which came from our P90X instructor: "If it's white and doesn't have a mother....DON'T EAT IT!!!" This really is helpful.

For example, you should stay away from breads rices, and pastas...loaded with carbs and empty calories. And they're mostly white.

Most all fish is white....and have moms....chow down!

Chicken, beef, and uncured pork...all have moms....good to eat!

Veggies may not have moms, but all are good for you....try roasting root veggies brushed with Olive Oil and sprinkled with Sea Salt (lower sodium) and fresh ground pepper....or boil a head of cauliflower til tender and then mash with just a hint of butter and heavy cream...delicious!!

Check out Trader Joe's for wild caught, cooked salmon...super low in calories and carbs....big time protein. Their fresh chicken sausages (all flavors) are low in fat, calories, carbs and rich in protein.

And finally, today...keep a dozen hard boiled eggs on hand all the time. Great, protein rich snacks...and you can make a killer egg salad using coarse ground Dijon mustard and fresh prepared Horseradish for a quick, healthy lunch.

Check back often! We will be posting recipes as often as we the meantime--stay healthy!

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