Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!!! Tilapia and Salmon especially!

This is tonight's dinner: Baked Tilapia, Cauliflower Mash, and Sauteed Asparagus

If you're really wanting to incorporate fish into your diet, but are afraid that you can't successfully cook it...Read on!  It is so much easier than you might imagine, and while they taste completely different, both are so yummy and easy to prepare.  The really cool thing about Tilapia is that is will take on the flavors of whatever you are marinating or sprinkling on top of it.  It is a really versatile fish and you will not get any "fishy" flavor that tends to worry people.

We use Tilapia as the main protein 9 out of 10 times...but let me tell you...Tilapia Tacos are awesome!!  If you aren't living on the healthy side, go for it!  I will include that recipe on a future blog...one of my FAVS!!

Citrus Inspired Tilapia
4 Tilapia fillets, thawed (We get them at WalMart, frozen)

1 Orange; juiced

2 toes Garlic, minced

1-2 teaspoons Soy Sauce (depends on how much you like Soy Sauce)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Place Tilapia in a gallon Ziploc bag.  Add all other ingredients.  Press air out of bag, and seal closed.  Marinate in refrigerator for about an hour, turning a few times.

Spray cookie sheet with Olive Oil spray, and place Tilapia fillets on the sheet.  Spoon additional marinade over fillets.  Bake for 20-25 minutes until fish flakes easily with a fork.

Serve with your favorite sauteed vegetables; we LOVE asparagus with this particular dish!  If you aren't watching carbs, Jasmine or Basmati rice (Uncle Ben's in the pouch is Oh So Easy!!) is a great compliment.

Seasoned Dill Salmon
2-4 oz. Salmon portions, skin on.

Olive Oil

Dill seasoning

Seasoned Salt (We use Johnny's...it's different than Lawry's)

Parmesan cheese if you're not watching the healthy side of life  :-)

We grill this fish.  Get your grill HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

Place portions skin side down on heavy duty aluminum foil (don't oil the foil...you want the skin to stick)

Lightly rub with Olive Oil

Sprinkle with the Dill seasoning as lightly or heavily as you would like according to your taste.

Lightly sprinkle with Seasoned Salt.

If you like Parmesan cheese, lightly coat entire portion.

Place foil on the grill and cook for about 7-9 minutes.  Don't overdo it; nothing is worse than dry fish!!

Serve on your favorite bed of lettuce or with a side of sauteed Spinach and fresh garlic....This fish is low in fat and carbs and super high in protein and Omega-3!!  Salmon is a meatier fish, firmer in texture and pink in color.  It isn't fishy, but isn't as mild as Tilapia.  It, too, can take on other flavors, and I will include a future post with a recipe for marinating.

Give it a try...don't be afraid of fish; it isn't afraid of you!!!

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